About Us

Shari Grenier has been making fairy tales come true since 1996, when she opened Sandcastles and began planning storybook weddings for her clients. Since then, Shari has become a highly sought-after wedding planner with the ability to turn any couple’s dream wedding into reality.

In 2018, Shari became licensed to officiate at wedding ceremonies, and has since become ordained clergy with the Community Catholic Church of Canada. Early in 2020, her husband, Dave Grenier, became licensed to perform weddings, thereby giving couples the option of a male or female officiant. In addition, Dave and Shari are able to act as each other’s backup in case of emergency.

Shari is now semi-retired from wedding planning. She plans a maximum of two weddings per year, now concentrating on officiating and the certification of wedding planners. She is delighted for the opportunity to share her quarter-century of wedding planning and business knowledge to coach younger planners.